A Search for Faith, Family, and Miracles
by Justin Calanoso

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Just-in Time for Christmas

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Just a reminder that My Cousin the Saint — in hard cover, paperback or e-book — makes a great gift for Christmas. It’s a timeless story about faith, family, and miracles. And much of the story is set in Italy! The prices in any format are really inexpensive these days. So order early and often!

Ask Sister Mary Martha

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

In the midst of recommending holiday gifts that are themed entirely around saints, Ask Sister Mary Martha, a popular Catholic blog written out of California, has some very nice things to say about My Cousin the Saint, which she also recommends (here) this holiday season.

She writes: “Justin Catanoso found the Catholic Church, his giant Italian family and his cousin the saint. He wrote a wonderful interesting, funny, poignant, informative story. Miracles do happen. It’s a book you’ll want to read yourself and pass on. I really couldn’t put the book down. It’s a real page turner.”