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America magazine podcast

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Last month, while in New York City, I was interviewed for a podcast about my book by Tim Reidy, online editor for America magazine, the fairly liberal Catholic monthly published by the Society of Jesuits. Father James Martin, bestselling author of My Life with the Saints, is a regular contributor to the widely regarded publication. My podcast was posted today and can be heard here.

Common sense

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

There is a chapter in my book called “Believe What You Can,” and it underscores a common-sense outlook for lapsed Catholics like myself who are interested in returning to church, but know there is much about Catholic teachings that we can never embrace or support. I came across two fine essays by thoughtful Catholics that give voice to a couple of issues that tend to keep many Catholics comfortably on the sidelines: the ban on contraception and voting issues.

Excerpt No. 1: “Catholics the world over support the use of contraception, and those who can access it use it. It would enable hundreds of thousands if not millions more families to make informed decisions about their futures if the church lifted this ban – not to mention the impact it would have on HIV prevention.”

Excerpt No. 2: “In 2008, the group Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good have put out a very different voter guide. They list 10 key issues: Dignity of work, economy, environment, education, foreign policy, health care, immigration, Iraq war, life, and poverty. For each issue, they highlight some key positions held by both Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama. There is no negative condemnation of either candidate.”