A Search for Faith, Family, and Miracles
by Justin Calanoso

Everything is free now

A bleak, all-too-true, commentary on the sorry prospects for serious writers and journalists written by a good friend, Frank Wilkinson, in The Week, here.

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2 Responses to “Everything is free now”

  1. Jim DeLorenzo Says:

    Justin, I am the brother of your Aunt Louise Catanoso. I read your book twice now — enjoying it more each time. I loved reading about your visit to Italy so much that it inspired us to vacation there two years in a row. Once to the main part of Italy, and most recently to Sicily. Due to our restrictive itinerary we were unable to visit the areas mentioned in your book (much to the disappointment of my sister Louise). I really feel that I visited Italy three times, twice in person and once by reading your book.
    This past Sunday some of my wife’s relatives attended Cardinal O’Hara’s Communion Breakfast. They were very impressed with your talk. They thought that you were related to me. I said no it’s my sister’s nephew by marriage, but I like to say that you are related to me just to share some of the limelight (only kidding). My favorite nephew Anthony is your best buddy. I guess that makes me sort of related.

  2. justin Says:

    Hello Jim — thank you for this wonderful, wonderful note! I am so glad you enjoyed my book, and thrilled that it got you to Italy. Next time you go, you’ve got to take me along!! My Aunt Louise, you might know, is my godmother, and favorite of mine as well. I have found memories of your father and mother when I was a kid, hanging out with Anthony and his brothers on 19th Street. Those guys? Not a saint in the bunch!! But still a heckuva lot of fun. I really had a nice time at O’Hara and was truly impressed with the folks I met there. The school choir was incredible!
    thanks for being in touch, and remember — next time you go to Italy….!